This wood stair is committed to high-end villa, double entry stair design, production and installation of the space, to select materials and unique design for the product advantage,

build a new luxury fashion, low-key by traditional process.

Focus on providing customized products such as log stairs, original wooden door, log cabinet, log wall panel and so on.

It is the leader of the overall solution of Chinese log home.

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In addition to green environmental protection, fireproof and wear-resisting features, shu wooden stair products are designed to enhance the beauty and practicability of products and create a unique home life.
All paint processes are non-volatile diluent, curing agent, international environmental protection paint, UV paint. Designed to create a safe and comfortable home experience for you.
All products of shu wooden staircase are made of domestic and imported wood as the standard base material, and the frame and line are solid wood, and the oak refers to the real material such as jointing material.
The stability and reliability of the staircase are guaranteed by the control of stress balance and special process assembly.
We provide you with the most professional paint technology, hand carving, color matching, installation services.